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Does your child encounter these problems in learning English?

  • Time consuming and inconvenient

    When I go home from work, I am in a hurry to take my children to learn English offline. The traffic jam on the road is a waste of time; the class time is fixed, and the child is sick or temporarily encounters a problem, and there is no way to go to class.

    See how 51Talk solved it

    Time consuming and inconvenient


    51Talk online learning mode is not limited by time and space, it is convenient and fast, you can take classes at any time, and children can easily learn at home.

  • Weak teachers

    In Malaysia, there are not many professional pure foreign teachers. Most parents choose to let their children learn English in offline learning centers.

    See how 51Talk solved it

    Weak teachers


    51Talk has more than 20,000 high-quality foreign teachers around the world. Only TOP 3% of outstanding talents are admitted, with standard pronunciation and rich experience. After being hired, foreign teachers must receive no less than 100 hours of pre-job training to further improve their teaching ability. Provide students with foreign teachers with higher cost-effectiveness and better effect.

  • no learning effect

    Send their children to learn English every day, but parents don't know what their children have learned? How far are they? There is no learning effect.

    See how 51Talk solved it

    no learning effect


    The 1-to-1 immersion teaching of real foreign teachers, the spiral learning system, and the interesting course design guarantee the learning effect. The exclusive class teacher communicates 1-to-1 online, reports the child's learning progress, and designs a personalized learning plan!

  • Textbooks are not standard

    The teaching materials of training institutions vary widely. Are the teaching materials suitable for children? Parents don't know what to choose.

    See how 51Talk solved it

    Textbooks are not standard


    51Talk's courses are based on CEFR international standard English textbooks, suitable for children in Cambridge / IELTS / TOEFL / international schools / homeschools / Chinese primary schools.

  • The class is boring and I don't like to learn

    Traditional learning mode, dull classroom, lack of interaction between children and teachers. Children have no interest in learning, and it is difficult to persevere.

    See how 51Talk solved it

    The class is boring and I don't like to learn


    Foreign teachers have a high degree of interaction with children one-on-one. Gamification teaching and lively and interesting teaching materials make children like to learn, learn and use!

  • Expensive tuition for foreign teachers

    Most Malaysian parents spend a lot of money to send their children to language centers to learn English, and even spend thousands of dollars to hire tutors to teach their children English at home one-on-one.

    See how 51Talk solved it

    Expensive tuition for foreign teachers


    51Talk's foreign teachers' courses are very affordable, and there are also special benefits for referrals, punch cards and free lessons, etc., so that your children can save more and more!

100,000+ Hours on Developing Courses

Level 0

Cultivate listening and speaking skills
& help students fall in love with learning

Level 1 – 3

Use phonics to improve pronunciation and intonation and develop vocabulary

Level 4 – 6

Learn by taking an interdisciplinary approach and cultivate interest in reading

Our Tutors

  • Dylan Mag Star tutor

    Holds TESOL Certification

    Good at: Classic English Course, Free talk, Daily English, Integrated skills, Classic English Junior Course

    Hi, I’m Dylan Mag. Come to 51Talk and let me be your English tutor! I’ll teach English to you in a simple way. I’ll be in every step of the way while you learn English. Let me know your progress so I can teach new things every day and keep our lessons fun. What are you waiting for? Come sign up for my classes now!

    Students’ Impression 7250 replies

    • Expressive(4829)
    • Patient(4814)
    • Encouraging(3520)
    • Adequate error correction(3312)
    • Proficient in teaching tools(2798)
    • Easy to understand(2039)
  • Mavie Burton Star tutor

    Holds TESOL Certification

    Good at: Classic English Course, Integrated skills, Classic English Junior Course, Free talk, Daily English

    Hello, I’m Mavie Burton, a friendly and kind tutor. I know learning a new language is not easy and you would meet obstacles and challenges but no worries, our classes together will be fun-packed. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for my class and make learning English become fun! See you in class!

    Students’ Impression 5341 replies

    • Expressive(3450)
    • Patient(3249)
    • Encouraging(2641)
    • Adequate error correction(2343)
    • Proficient in teaching tools(1882)
    • Easy to understand(1563)
  • Dreo Bernardo Star tutor

    Holds TESOL Certification

    Good at: Classic English Course, Integrated skills, Classic English Junior Course, Teaching teenagers, Free talk, Daily English

    Hello, I’m Dreo Bernardo. I’m a tutor at 51Talk. I have 8 years of teaching experience, mainly teaching children and adults to improve their English communication skills so I understand how everyone has their own learning pace. Sign up for my classes and let’s learn English together!

    Students’ Impression 12694 replies

    • Expressive(9289)
    • Patient(6736)
    • Proficient in teaching tools(5698)
    • Encouraging(5467)
    • Standard pronunciation(5160)
    • Adequate error correction(4904)

How to Book Classes

  • Download 51Talk
    or Air Class

  • Choose a teacher
    Book a class

  • Enter classroom 5 mins early
    before lesson begins

What's different about 51Talk?

  • Pure foreign teachers

    Standard teaching materials 1-to-1 teaching by turors, providing students with an immersive language environment and establishing English thinking. Through high-frequency interactive practice, children speak English more than half of the time in each class
  • Book a class anytime

    Each class is 25 minutes.Use the fragmented time to book classes anytime, anywhere. Short-term high-frequency immersive English learning ensures the learning effect.
  • Self-developed teaching system

    In the Air Class air classroom, in addition to ensuring the smooth online learning network, foreign teachers and students can interact in real time, and foreign teachers can score students' pronunciation, grammar and fluency to ensure students' learning effect.
  • Rich learning materials

    English picture book library (reading stories and listening to English) + open classes, so that your children have an English learning environment every day, something to listen to and something to tell!
  • Complete system, rich and interesting courses

    Through pre-class preview, in-class study, after-class practice, unit test, level test, etc., we can improve children's weak points in listening, speaking, reading and writing ability, and improve their test scores! H5 gamified interactive course, let students like to learn, learn it, and use it!
  • World famous brand trust guarantee

    51Talk has been deeply involved in online English education for 11 years. It is the first online English education brand in the industry to go public in the United States. As the world's largest online English learning platform, 51Talk has penetrated into 50 countries and regions around the world, serving more than 40 million students.