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About 51Talk

  • Online English learning platform for kids

    Founded in 2011, 51Talk has become the largest company for teaching kids English online.

  • Listed in the U.S.

    51Talk is officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange on 10 June 2016, becoming the first online English teaching company in the industry to be listed in the U.S.

  • One-on-one lessons

    Lessons at 51Talk are one-on-one and taught by tutors. 51Talk provides teaching services to users aged 3 to 18 around the world, allowing users to take lessons anytime, anywhere.

  • Global operation

    Currently, 51Talk provides English teaching services to over 50 countries and regions, serving more than 40 million users. We have more than 20,000 English tutors from the US, Canada and the Philippines.

Milestones of 51Talk

51Talk login to Malaysia

group profile

  • In 2013, 51Talk entered the stage of global brand strategy. In March 2020, 51Talk officially entered the Malaysian market and established a branch to bring professional and cost-effective online English teaching to all students in Malaysia. During the epidemic, the online learning model was very popular among users. In just one and a half years, the number of active students in various states in Malaysia has exceeded 1,000, and the number of experienced and graduated students has exceeded 10,000, which has opened the way for the reform of the online English learning model in Malaysia.

  • 51Talk, as an online English learning brand covering children's listening-speaking-reading-writing-exam, is deeply loved by users.

Production and research advantages

  • Air Class, a teaching system independently developed by the Group after 6 years, has provided the first audio and video teaching interactive software for students in Malaysia to create an immersive English learning environment. Based on the age and cognitive ability of young people, 51Talk tailor-made the core course "Classic English for Youth Edition" for local students, so that children can truly realize the learning effect from language learning to language use, and ensure the learning effect of double harvest in oral English.

  • With the help of the "Internet + Education" teaching model, 51Talk is using technology to empower the balanced development of the education industry, and steadily realize the corporate mission of "enabling everyone to have the ability to talk to the world".

Our Mission

“Love and Empower Every Child.”

“Love and Empower Every Child” has been the corporate mission of 51Talk since its inception. 51Talk is committed to creating the ultimate user experience and providing quality education resources to its users. With enhancing the quality of education as its top priority, 51Talk continues to lead the industry in reaching new heights.

51Talk Users Worldwide

As the largest online English teaching platform, 51Talk provides services to 50+ countries and regions, serving more than 40 million users. Most of our users are from Japan, U.S., Canada and Italy. The increase of students’ subscriptions has reached a record high.

Student Stories

  • Li Zilin

    Li Zilin has been studying at 51Talk for two years. She also represented Chinese primary school students in a speech in English at the United Nations Climate Change Conference. She likes the foreign teacher Jucy very much. At first, Jucy will make some small handicrafts in advance according to the course content to increase the fun in the classroom. After Zilin's English gradually became better, Jucy would exercise her speaking ability in the form of chatting, and would recommend some dubbing shows for her. Now Zilin feels that learning English is not a burden, but a hobby. Thank you very much, Teacher Jucy. Thanks, 51Talk.

  • Jamie

    Jamie has been taking classes at 51Talk for more than half a year. We have almost one class every night. It is very comforting to watch him change a little bit. Now, the child's English score ranks among the top three in class. 51Talk, whether it is a foreign teacher, a class teacher, or a course teacher, is particularly responsible for letting children develop a good habit of learning English, and the cost-effectiveness is very high. We will work hard to gradually improve the English level of our children. Our parents also firmly believe that 51Talk has the ability to enable every child to have a conversation with the world.

  • Darren

    Darren joined 51Talk in November 2021. He has maintained a strong interest in English courses since he entered the school. He has 1-2 lessons per day, continuous and uninterrupted, and the monthly class volume is 25-30 lessons. Preview, class, and review do not require assistance at all, and can be completed independently. High-frequency classes and good study habits have made children's English improvement more significant. Now, they have become a role model for other children to learn.

  • Boyu

    Boyu is four years old this year, and has never studied English systematically. His mother occasionally teaches a few words or short sentences, but Yubao is very repulsive. I joined 51Talk in December and started to study. It took two and a half months to get rid of the initial conflict. I needed to be coaxed by my mother before I agreed to take the class. After sitting for ten minutes, I would ask my mother why she didn’t leave the class. The change in the child's growth makes the mother very happy.

  • Helen

    Since Helen joined 51Talk in February 2021, she has been adhering to very good study habits. From preview, review, unit diagnosis, etc., every item has been completed very well. Acquiring good study habits make her have 51Talk as it has given her efficient learning habits. Thanks to 51Talk.

  • Xiaobao

    Although Xiaobao came to the 51 big family for only 3 months, he has a strong interest in English and is very serious in doing homework. The preview and review unit tests are not missed. The mother's education concept is very good. Xiaobao is in 51Talk. There is almost no need for parental supervision in class, and it seems that becoming the next primary school bully is just around the corner.