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Suitable for Malaysian teenagers to learn

Localized learning concepts and services

51Talk's strategic partner "Xueda Education" has 16 years of education experience in Malaysia.

Teaching materials suitable for local students

Written according to the Common European Framework for International Languages (CEFR), it is suitable for students of Chinese primary schools, independent high schools, middle schools and international schools.

Regular supervision by local consultants

Authentic Malaysian consultant teachers customize personalized learning plans for children
Supervise children's learning progress, results and report regularly.

Frequent Assignments

Assignments before and after class for a good grasp of English

  • Pre-class assignment10 minutes before class

    The pronunciation, spelling and explanation of each unit’s vocabulary, short phrases, and sentence examples are provided before class. Students can also prepare accordingly by reading the dialogues in the unit and correcting their pronunciation.

  • After-class assignment10 minutes after class

    A short quiz is given to students after class to consolidate their learning and monitor their progress effectively.

Periodic Assessment

Periodic assignments help keep track of students’ performance

  • Unit Tests

    Students are required to take a quiz after completing each unit to test their understanding of the unit.

  • Level Tests

    In line with international language proficiency test standards, level tests are provided to students at the end of the course.

  • Level Certificates

    Students are awarded a level certificate after completing core courses and passing the level test of each level.

Diversified Tutoring

A diversified approach to learning English

  • Themed Courses

    There are a variety of themed courses to choose from and students can take classes with their phone anytime, anywhere. Classes are held on Monday to Sunday.

  • Bilingual Courses

    Bilingual courses are taught by experienced Chinese teachers. It aims to foster students’ aesthetics, literary taste, expression, reading comprehension, critical thinking and learning ability, helping the family in nurturing parent-child relationship and the growth of parents.