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About 51Talk

  • Online English learning platform for kids

    51Talk was founded in 2011 and is a global online youth English education brand. 

  • Listed in the U.S.

    51Talk is officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange on 10 June 2016, becoming the first online English teaching company in the industry to be listed in the U.S.

  • One-on-one lessons

    Lessons at 51Talk are one-on-one and taught by tutors. 51Talk provides teaching services to users aged 3 to 18 around the world, allowing users to take lessons anytime, anywhere.

  • Global operation

    Currently, 51Talk provides English teaching services to over 50 countries and regions, serving more than 40 million users. We have more than 20,000 English tutors from the US, Canada and the Philippines.

Milestones of 51Talk

Product Highlights

  • Independently developed teaching system

    After 6 years of developing teaching system Air Class independently, 51Talk now provides the first interactive teaching software that creates an immersive environment for learning English.

  • Tailor-made core courses

    51Talk provides a tailor-made course, Classic English Junior, for teenagers around the world so that they can apply the knowledge they learnt in daily life, improving their communication skills and academic results.

Our Mission

“Love and Empower Every Child.”

“Love and Empower Every Child” has been the corporate mission of 51Talk since its inception. 51Talk is committed to creating the ultimate user experience and providing quality education resources to its users. With enhancing the quality of education as its top priority, 51Talk continues to lead the industry in reaching new heights.

51Talk Users Worldwide

51Talk provides services for 50+ countries and regions, serving more than 40 million users. Most of our users are from Japan, U.S., Canada and Italy. The increase of students' subscriptions continues to break records.

Student Stories

  • Li Zilin

    Li Zilin has been studying at 51Talk for 2 years and she was the representative of Chinese primary school students at the United Nations Climate Change Conference, in which she delivered an English speech. She really liked her teacher, Miss Jucy. When Zilin first took her class, Miss Jucy would make handicrafts according to the class content and use them as teaching materials to make the lesson more fun. As Zilin's English improved, Miss Jucy trained Zilin's communication skills through conversations and recommended some dubbing videos. Now Zilin no longer thinks learning English is a burden but a hobby and she is very grateful to Miss Jucy and 51Talk.

  • Jamie

    Jamie has been taking classes at 51Talk for more than half a year. We have class almost every day. As parents, we watched him improve bit by bit and we felt very gratified. Now his grades are among the top three of his class. Everyone is very responsible, be it tutors or class teachers. They have been helping him develop good habits of learning English. The courses offer great value for the price. We will continue to help him improve his English and we believe that 51Talk can love and empower every child.

  • Darren

    Darren joined 51Talk in November 2021 and he has always been interested in his English lessons. He took 1 to 2 lessons per day consistently and a total of 25 to 30 lessons per month. He needed no help in prep, class, and revision, accomplishing all tasks independently. With regular classes and good study habits, his English improved significantly and he has now become a role model for his peers.

  • Boyu

    Boyu is four years old and had never learnt English systematically. His mom would teach him a few words or phrases occasionally but Boyu had a strong aversion to English. He didn’t enjoy learning English nor speaking in English. Boyu joined 51Talk in December. In the first two and a half months, Boyu disliked these classes immensely. His mom had to coax him into taking classes and just a few minutes after the class started, he would ask why it wasn't over. But now he would ask his mom whether there are any classes for him to take. His mom is very gratified at his change and growth.

  • Helen

    Helen joined 51Talk in February 2021. Since then, she has been committed to good study habits and completed her tasks perfectly. Her quick progress stems from good study habits. From only knowing the alphabet to taking classes independently and communicating freely with her teacher a year later, Helen benefits much from her classes and we feel grateful to 51Talk.

  • Xiaobao

    It has only been 3 months since Xiaobao joined the 51Talk family but he has been very interested in the English language. He takes his homework seriously and finishes his prep, revision, and quizzes on time. His mom has a good educational philosophy as Xiaobao doesn't need any coaxing to finish his lessons. It seems like he can soon be one of the top students.