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51Talk Online English Courses

25-minute 1-on-1 lessons with our English tutors

Continuously refining the curriculum for 6 years with over 15 million users attesting to its excellence

  • Systematic design of courses

    Cultivate students' interest in English and reinforce learning through gradual increase of difficulty in courses and exploration of the same topic in different levels.

  • In line with development stages

    Courses align with the stages of language development of children, providing comprehensive guidance during learning and application.

  • Rich and interesting visual aids

    Teaching materials and practice exercises have lively and attractive designs, matching the cognitive process of children.

Classic English Course Structure

This course structure is based on the ESL curriculum of CEFR for kids and teens and in line with international exams such as Cambridge English: Young Learners and Cambridge English: General English, providing a clear and measurable study plan for each student to follow.

Classic English Curriculum System

Classic English Course

  • Level 0 lessons focus on listening and speaking practice.

    Cultivate listening and speaking skills & help students fall in love with learning

    Learning objectives: Able to memorize the alphabet, identify lower and upper case, and memorize common words and corresponding pronunciation to words.

  • Level 1 to Level 3 lessons focus on developing correct pronunciation.

    Use phonics to improve pronunciation and intonation and develop vocabulary

    Learning objectives: Able to hold simple conversations on familiar topics and express one's opinion, increase vocabulary and reading fluency, and answer simple relevant questions based on readings.

  • Level 4 to Level 6 lessons focus on reading comprehension.

    Learn by taking an interdisciplinary approach and cultivate interest in reading

    Learning objectives: Able to hold conversations on broader topics, read longer texts independently, and write short paragraphs.

  • Level 7 to Level 9 lessons emphasize applications to other disciplines.

    Foster language development through exploratory learning

    Learning objectives: Able to have an in-depth discussion on a particular topic, read different text types, and write clear and logical paragraphs.

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